Galvanizing – Blue, Black, Yellow and Olive


Galvanizing is a surface process that is primarily chosen for its anti-corrosion properties. Galvanizing is an inexpensive and decorative surface process. Depending on the desired look and property, the zinc layer can be passivated / chromated. The following passivations can also be offered in compliance with RoHS: colorless, blue, yellow and black.


  • Corrosion protection
  • Decorative
  • Wear protection

Areas of usage

Automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical industry, apparatus engineering, optical industry, screws.

Please note

The selection of passivations is responsible for the appearance and white rust resistance of the product. The quality of the layer thickness ensures protection against rust. We define the layer thickness according to the customer’s specifications.

We work according to the current standards. Please request further services.

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