In the anodizing process, an anodic oxidation layer (protective layer) is created on aluminum by an electrochemical process. The converted layer is wear-resistant and protects against corrosion. The aluminum oxide layer is a good insulator in terms of continuity and the layer can also be colored.


  • Optimal wear protection
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Continuity (good insulator)
  • Different colors (black, red, blue, yellow, violet, others on request)
  • Recyclable
  • Layer structure: 1/3 layer application and 2/3 in the material

Application areas

Mechanical engineering, medical technology, decorative applications Aerospace

Please note

If possible, only use materials in anodized quality. Depending on the composition, a colored, yellowish or even dark oxide layer can form in aluminum alloys.

We work according to the current standards, if necessary on request

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